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Get Started with BoardCloud

This is the One-Page Getting Started with BoardCloud Guide.

You can also download these instructions as a PDF by clicking here.

To start: Login using the link and credentials sent to you.

Then click on the Admin button on the left navigation bar.

1. Upload Logo

Click Upload Logo.
Then browse for your logo or drag the image onto the page.
When your logo appears press the Upload button to save your changes.

BoardCloud Tenant Logo Upload

2. Add Committee Members

Click Manage Members and then click +Add to enter Name, Surname and Email of each member you wish to add.
Click Update to save.

Next click Manage Members. Then click +Add and you can now select the role you require from the dropdown.
Click Update to save. (Repeat for as many members as you need)

Then click Manage Committees and then +Add to enter the name of the committee you want to create. Then click Update to save.

Next click Manage Members to add the required members to the committee.

3. Add your first meeting!

Click on Meetings at the top of the left navigation bar.

Then click New Meeting and change the meeting details by clicking on Edit icon near the top left of your screen. Complete any required information, pay attention to the meeting date and time. You may also set security options and set the cover page if you require.

Next go to the Attendees tab and click Add to open the Add Attendees tab. Select either a committee (which are listed first) or individual members.

Now populate your agenda by clicking Add Section and typing in your first section name.

You can now expand on your new section by clicking on the three dots Options on the far right of your new section name. You can upload files, add a subsection or add a vote to the section. 

For practice upload some files to see how the system works. Once you have loaded a few files and made a few sections, you will be ready to test your first Revision.

On the Revisions tab click the revisions cog on the far right  Settings. This will produce your first revision. You can make and delete as many revisions as you need.

To view your revision, click View .  You can then publish (or unpublish) publish or notify share the committee as required.